About Me

My names Nicole Bates and I'm a mum of two and an artist based up in Kendal, Cumbria. Ive been drawing from before I can remember with a cartoon style creating art for my school friends way back in the day.
Here’s a video all about me.

Recently I started podcasting for the Lakes International Comic Art Festival which opened my eyes to so many variations in comics and comic art. Having seen so may creators from people working for the big comics companies to others self publishing I have been driven to create my own comics and continue work on my own art style.

Within this site you will see my work, be able to buy original art or have a commission created as well as reading about how I'm getting on with my comic and art on my blog. See an article in the local newspaper about Anxiety Me and one here about Leaf.

Email me at nikkidrawsart@gmail.com
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