Sunday, 8 December 2019

I’m Moving

So my website has had a revamp... by revamp I mean a brand new site. Please do check it out at 

Saturday, 19 October 2019

Moon... out now

Phew what a hectic time I’ve been having! I managed to hurt my Achilles’ tendon which resulted in me having a few days off work, and what should you do if off work for a few days? Weeeeeelllll comic creating of course! So as I was laid up I put in hours and hours on my new book and managed to get it finished! I tried to do something different with this one and with it being a sequel to Anxiety Me! I wanted it to stand out in its own right, so I decided on doing it in a negative style so white on black and blue paper, it was a new challenge but I throughly enjoyed the process, though I did manage to go through a lot of white paint! 

The end product is here and much longer than Anxiety Me! I’ve called it Moon, in fact I dreamt part of this story and had to get it down on paper, why I’ve called it moon will become apparent as you go through the story.....honest!!  

This book is taking on the idea that worry is good for you, it is a survival technique but over worry is very destructive and engulfing, I tried to get this across with Yu (yup I have eventually named her) and her relationship with worry. Hopefully this one won’t make people cry, there’s also a few more words in it, but on the whole I’m trying to keep with the idea of the pictures telling the story.
I hope you enjoy it as much as I did creating it.

Sunday, 30 June 2019

Mac Pow 2019

Maccpow! I maccwon!!

So here I am again, this time following a fun day out in Macclesfield, and it was fun, a great day of meeting people I had met last year and catching up with lovely people I already knew.
So I had a great end table where I managed to get my table looking lovely and full, and bonus trousers didn’t rip this time!

The day went very fast and Leaf sold really well I think this was more because the day was very much more a family event, it was interesting to see how different it was to Oldham in what I sold, so going forward I’ll definitely be able to arrange my table more to sell for the customers that turn up to each event! I just need another book out for next year because I had repeat customers! This was a new and terrifyingly brilliant area for me and thankfully I have a good memory for faces so recognised people coming back to see me! I’m famous now......right?

Anyhow this is just a quick update to let you all know I’m not dead, now back to the graphic novel....only another 145 pages to go.....

Send help and chocolate!

Saturday, 8 June 2019

What am I up to!?

So how’s it been going Nikki? I’m sure you are all asking that, along with, gosh it’s been sooooo long since you posted anything!
And yes you are right, I’m awfully bad at this! But bare with me I will get better at this........probably!
So what have I been up to?
Well I’m taking on the humongous challenge of drawing my first graphic novel, which is daunting but I’m finding it fun if I just take it one page at a time, and not worry that I have at least another 100 odd pages to do!
Early snippet from my new book

But Nikki what is it about?
Well I’ve decided to look at my life, coz you know do stuff you know about! I was brought up in a zoo in a little village so thought I’d look at my different upbringing, with silly stories, information about different natural things, a look at the history of the zoo I grew up within and then tackling the serious issue of bullying with hopefully some useful links for people that maybe suffering the same thing right now. So just a small challenge then!
But also at the moment I’m getting ready for Maccpow in Macclesfield in a couple of weeks, and whipping up some more art for that, and.....yes there’s more....getting ideas together for the windows trail for this years Lakes International Comic Art Festival.....phew!

So everything is go go go!
See you soon

Sunday, 12 May 2019

Oldham Comic Con 3

Hello and welcome to Nicole posting about yesterday’s Oldham Comic Con, a day filled with excitement, laughter, disaster and everything in between!

So to begin with Ian (the dastardly) got us all up at 6.50........on a Saturday! Herald much beating of chests and wiping of eyes at that early call. Then hitting the road......

Oldham itself was as lovely as always in the sunshine and the new venue of Queen Elizabeth Court which was I think the civic centre was lovely and spacious. The parking was free, always a bonus and my table gorgeous!

Waiting for the people to flood in made me a tad nervous and when the doors finally opened I waited and smiled and tried to beckon people towards me with the promise of a free sweet!

Table ready to rock and roll

The first hour......I sold this point I wanted to hide and never be seen in public again....Ian was understandably a bit annoyed at my grumpiness!
Then.....someone brought a book mark and a key ring.....yes today was going to be a success!
It was then that my biggest disaster EVER, I’m not even kidding at the gravity of this disaster folks.....I went off for lunch with my kids, who had been playing on a VR headset game thingy that was exhibiting yesterday, sat down on the chair at the really cool chill out zone, and realised that my right butt cheek was jeans had ripped in a rather spectacular fashion, I must have caught them on something setting dignity had been exposed! 
What could I do but wrap my rather fetching Dr Who hoodie round my waist and stand incredibly still at my table so they didn’t rip further! Oh my days the shame!
When I wandered back to the table it was to Ian shaking my float box having made a flurry of sales, could this be my best con yet, could I dare to dream?
Quite frankly.....yes I could!

I managed to sell flipping loads of stuff! My little watercolours sold well along side my comics which was great, I made a woman cry.....ok that made me feel awful as she was reading Leaf which I was sure was a happy book! The lady did say they were happy tears, she then came back and brought both books and had all the prints!
All in all I had a great day and it really bolstered my confidence to have people loving my art so much, still it’s hard to get parents away from buying their kids the usual suspects of the comic world and try something new, but I will crack them!

Anyway here’s Nikki signing off for now, byeeeeee

Friday, 29 March 2019

Pre-order Leaf NOW!

Well things move fast. Leaf is now available to pre-order from Fairspark Books. Its been very quick turn around and I really hope it does well as it not only helps me produce more comics but it helps the charity Little Heroes Comics. They have also done a Meet the Creator post all about me as well.

Little Heroes produces comic making kits which are distributed for free to hospitals to entertain those kids sat for days on end. Its a wonderful charity that helps creativity grow in children as well as taking their minds off what ever they're dealing with in hospital.

On top of this the wonderful Tony Esmond has done a lovely preview of Leaf on his website. Its so amazing to hear people say nice things about my work. Thank you to Tony.

Never Iron Anything!

Thursday, 28 March 2019

I’m excited and thrilled to announce that my next comic Leaf will be published by Fairspark Books. You will be able to preorder it very soon and buy it from May 1st 2019.