Friday, 29 March 2019

Pre-order Leaf NOW!

Well things move fast. Leaf is now available to pre-order from Fairspark Books. Its been very quick turn around and I really hope it does well as it not only helps me produce more comics but it helps the charity Little Heroes Comics. They have also done a Meet the Creator post all about me as well.

Little Heroes produces comic making kits which are distributed for free to hospitals to entertain those kids sat for days on end. Its a wonderful charity that helps creativity grow in children as well as taking their minds off what ever they're dealing with in hospital.

On top of this the wonderful Tony Esmond has done a lovely preview of Leaf on his website. Its so amazing to hear people say nice things about my work. Thank you to Tony.

Never Iron Anything!

Thursday, 28 March 2019

I’m excited and thrilled to announce that my next comic Leaf will be published by Fairspark Books. You will be able to preorder it very soon and buy it from May 1st 2019.

Thursday, 7 March 2019

It’s been a while but I’ve been busy working on my next silent comic. Entitled Leaf, it follows the journey of a fox. As with Anxiety Me I’ve painted each page with watercolours. Check out the cover 😁

Saturday, 10 November 2018

Anxiety Me is now on Comichaus

Comichaus is a really cool app that allows you to read comics digitally for just a few pound a month and now I'm proud to say Anxiety Me is on there. Not only that it was classed as there comic of the month as well.

Soooo happy. Go and check it out at

Sunday, 21 October 2018

Lakes International Comic Art Festival 2018

Its been a while since I last posted. The Lakes International Comic Art Festival has been and gone and I had great fun selling my comic in the afternoon. Thank you to all that bought a copy, every sale means so much to me and gives me that boost to keep on creating.
I loved chatting to so many creators and meeting one of my favourite authors, Ian Rankin. I could list so many names so I wont bother for fear of missing someone out but its fair to say ive made met many heroes of mine and am looking forward to next years event already.

Anxiety Me is also now on Comichaus. Comichaus is a great comic app and lets you read all of their content for just £3 a month. Its well worth signing up for and 50% of any money made goes back to the creators.
My next comic Pika & Cloud was due for the festival but I ran out of time. Pictures coming soon.

Sunday, 24 June 2018

My First Comic Con Selling My Comic

So yesterday, as I write this post, I visited the lovely town of Macclesfield to have a go at selling my comic at Macc Pow. I was exceptionally nervous but had been pushed into it out of love to give it a go. The event was setup in the town hall and as I arrived most of the venders had already setup. I had a small half table and was seated next to a doctor called Sarah who was giving away comics all about how foreign women have struggled moving here to the UK and a lovely guy called James Chapman who can tell you all about how a dog sounds in Japan! They were both lovely and helped me settle into the con.
The table all setup
It started very quietly and I know this was normal however it doesn't help build your confidence as the odd person walks past your table with just a glance. People weren't buying... was I doing something wrong? Was my comic rubbish? Then I looked around and no one was selling stuff expect the odd person. I was worrying when I needn't be but that never helps when your selling your heart and soul in a comic.

Slowly however the hall started to fill up and sales began to happen. I found taking to people and telling them about the book helped a lot with sales. I smiled and said hello to everyone. Ian even managed to sell some as well. I had a lot of people who were not comic readers say how nice the art looked and that they were pulled in by my banner. They were never going to buy a thing but it was nice to hear.
An amazing artist named Nick Brokenshire was sat opposite me. He's such a lovely guy and has created some brilliant comics. I cheekily ask him for a Ghibli inspired picture which he kindly drew. This is going up on my wall!
Thank you Nick
Overall it was a tiring but fun day. I got over my nerves and learnt how to sell comics. I may not of sold as many as I'd like but I covered my costs and I made a lot of new friends and hope to see them again in the future. Everyone was so nice and friendly which made the day as good as it was. Roll on the Lakes International Comic Art Festival where I will be selling for half a day.

Monday, 18 June 2018

Macc Pow 2018

This weekend I'll be selling Anxiety Me at Macc Pow in Macclesfield. This will be the first time ive ever sold my own work face to face. I can somehow over come my anxiety when in a situation like this however I know on the run up I'll worry like mad. I know it will be fun however and I can't wait to chat to all the comic fans.

We will also be recording for my podcast whilst there and grabbing as many interviews as we can from the awesome creators at the event. You will be able to check that out from July 1st at the podcast website. If your there please do come and say hello.